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This is a description of Tony Almeida's actions on Day 3.

Day 3Edit

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3:00pm-4:00pm Edit

Tony was grievously wounded after being shot through the neck by David Gomez, one of Hector Salazar's enforcers, despite the efforts of Gomez's handler Gael Ortega to control him.

4:00pm-5:00pm Edit

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7:00pm-8:00pm Edit

When Tony woke up in hospital, Michelle told him that the President would not release Salazar and Jack had been forced to break him out of prison instead. She also said that Gael had been implicated as a mole for the Salazars and was being interrogated by Chappelle and Johnston. Tony left the hospital against doctor's instructions and hurried to CTU headquarters. Upon arriving, Tony revealed to Chappelle that he, Gael, and Jack were undertaking an undercover operation.

8:00pm-9:00pm Edit

Tony explained to the President that all the events over the past hours were orchestrated by him, Jack and Gael as part of an elaborate sting operation. He directed the President to a video of Jack Bauer located on a CTU server. On the recording, Jack claimed he fabricated the idea the Salazars held the Cordilla virus as a pretense for breaking Ramon Salazar out of prison. Jack needed to regain the Salazars trust and reestablish his cover with them because the real manufacturers of the virus, a Ukrainian group, wanted to sell it to the Salazars. Jack saw this as the best way to both contain the threat by seizing the virus when the Ukrainians tried to sell it as well as to excuse the President of any liability if Jack was unsuccessful in his mission.

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