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This is a description of Tony Almeida's actions on Day 4.

Day 4 Edit


At around 1:50pm, Jack Bauer called Tony and requested his help at Felsted Security where his field team had been taken out and he was being chased by Powell's hostiles. Tony arrived at 1:56pm, just in time to save Jack and Audrey Raines from being shot by the hostiles. Tony called and ensured Jack was alright before the three ran away from the scene back to Tony's car.


In the car, Jack spoke to Secretary Heller on the phone. After hanging up, he comforted a crying Audrey. Tony told Jack that they could go back to his place as they had the necessary facilities, and Jack thanked him for everything. He filled Tony in on what had happened so far throughout the day; Heller's kidnapping was just a cover for a larger threat involving the meltdown of nuclear plants by terrorists. Tony asked why Jack was in the field again after leaving CTU, and Jack said that he got caught up in the events. Tony emphasised that he did not want to "get caught up in it", which Jack said he understood.


Tony pours himself a drink at his apartment

They arrived at Tony's apartment, and Jack began to check the room so that the building was secure. Suddenly, Jen Slater appeared out of one of the doors and Jack pulled his gun on her. She screamed, attracting Tony's attention. He came over and explained to Jack that she was alright, and Jack apologized. She attempted to leave for work, but Jack stopped her, saying that until he finished his work on Tony's computer she could not leave. Jen was clearly angered at the situation, so Audrey told her that she could have her boss killed if he did not fire her for arriving late. As they conversed Jack began to look at the surveillance video. Whilst Jack worked, Tony took the phone from Jen so she could not make calls. He then poured himself a beer into his coffee mug and gave another to Audrey.

Whilst waiting for a call back on the facial recognition, Jack went over to Tony and turned off the television he was watching to ensure Tony's full attention. He asked Tony why he didn't call him and ask for guidance; he had been there himself. Tony explained that he was considered a traitor to his country and his wife left him; how could a conversation with Jack help? He said that today he repaid his debt for Jack helping him with an early release from prison, and he did not want to see Jack any more. Jack, clearly hurt by the words, stood up and turned the television back on, walking away.

A Secret Service detail arrived to take Audrey away, and they left Jack a vehicle. He called Erin Driscoll at CTU, and from Jack's half of the conversation Tony learnt that Jack was attempting to stop a suspect on his own. Tony offered to help him, realizing it would be stupid to allow Jack to die just after saving his life. Jack graciously accepted. They pulled up at the helipad just as Powell was about to take off. They each went around the chopper and forced the man out of the helicopter. Jack escorted Powell to his vehicle and took his cellphone. As he cuffed him, Powell was shot dead by a distant sniper. Tony checked his pulse, but realized that Powell was dead. Jack cursed loudly, keeping cover in case of another attack.


CTU backup arrived and Tony told Jack that he wished to go home. Jack said that he could not, he needed to help find the override device. As Jack learned the location of a possible lead from Powell's phone, Tony took a deep sigh and decided to go with him. They arrived at the hotel in Chatsworth where the cell was located. After meeting up with Lee Castle, Jack had to defend Tony's position with him as Castle felt it was unjust for an out-of-operation agent to be there. He eventually went along with it, and explained to Jack and Tony that there were two people in the hotel room; a Middle-Eastern woman and child. Jack pointed out that it was imperative that they were kept alive. A camera was placed through a hole in the wall by an agent, who got a visual on the woman. Jack and Tony broke in, and managed to stop Dina Araz shooting herself before they could get to her. Castle ran up to her and, seeing she had a gun wound, pressed his thumb into her arm and asked where the override was. Tony ran over and pulled Castle off, saying that she would go into shock before revealing anything. Jack then ordered Castle outside and had a private word with him. Tony tended to Dina, checking her wound and calming her down. He called Jack back in and showed him the bullet wound. Tony instructed an agent to give Dina something for the wound, but to make sure she stayed lucid.


Tony looks on as Jack presents the immunity agreement to Dina Araz for her son, Behrooz

Jack received information about Dina, including the name of her husband, Navi, and her son, Behrooz. He filled Tony in on what he had found, then got a call from Driscoll who showed him and Tony a phone conversation between Dina and her son. Jack realized that he could use Behrooz as leverage, and so he and Tony went through to Dina and offered to give Behrooz immunity from prosecution if she gave them information that would lead to the override. Dina said that she would help them if they showed her the document.

Jack got the agreement from the President and they went to pick up Behrooz from the hospital. As they arrived, armed guards were running around and Jack and Tony realised something was wrong. They set up a perimeter. Jack went in and found out that Navi Araz had his son hostage and was heading for the parking garage. He called Tony and told him to meet him on the East side of the building with backup. Tony, driving, told Jack that they were in the parking garage. Tony pulled up just as Navi was pulling Behrooz into another room as a hostage, despite Jack's pleas. Jack told Tony to call CTU and set up a link with them to keep them updated, saying that they needed to get in contact with Navi and try to reach an agreement. Dina, who had exited the vehicle, said there was no point as Navi must have assumed that Dina was helping them, which is why he has not killed Behrooz. She said that if they could not save Behrooz, she would be happy to see the reactors melt down.


Jack and Tony learnt that Navi was with Behrooz in a laundry room in the north area of the basement. They moved towards there, and Jack told Lee Castle to bring Dina so they could put her into play. Outside the chute, Tony told Dina that they wanted her to keep Navi on the phone line as long as possible to distract him whilst Jack travelled down the chute. They got to a corridor and Dina called him whilst Tony watched. She pleaded for Navi not to kill Behrooz whilst Jack went down the chute. Navi noticed some noise, forcing him to end the call with Dina. Tony rushed into the room as Navi and Jack began to fight. He eventually arrived there, only to find that Behrooz had shot Navi. He yelled to Behrooz to drop the gun, and the second he did he forced the boy to put his hands on his dead and to turn around. Dina told Jack an address in compliance with their deal. Tony asked what they should do with Dina and Behrooz. Jack said that, until they could be sure that Dina was not lying, they would go with them.


Jack and Tony arrive at the location provided by Dina

They arrived at the location and met with Agent Solarz. The three went in, but found the single-room building to be empty. Tony assumed that Dina was lying, but Jack suggested that she was desperate to save her son. Tony then guessed that the building had been cleared out. Jack ordered Solarz to bring in a forensics team to search for fingerprints. Jack then noticed a cable leading under the floorboards. Tony lifted a few away and the two realized that there was a room below the apartment. Inside, Jack turned on a light and found maps and plans that related to all the day's schemes, from the train attack to Heller's kidnapping.

After looking around for a few minutes, Jack began to tell Tony that he wanted to talk to him about something. Before he could continue he was called by Sarah Gavin from CTU, and Tony left the underground room. Jack came back outside some minutes later and told Tony that he wanted him to take Dina back to CTU and to head up the interrogation. Tony said they would not even let him set foot in CTU, even if he wanted to. Jack said that Tony was the only one he could trust to do it. Tony continued to seem unsure, and so Jack walked away. Just before he left, Tony called him back and thanked him for the offer as a way of accepting it. Jack smiled and told Castle that Tony would need his car.

Around 4:45pm, Tony arrived at CTU with Behrooz and Dina. Agents stood to witness his arrival, and he was greeted by Erin Driscoll who gave him a cell and a PDA. Tony reminded her of his history, but she said Jack and Heller's vouching for him was good enough for her. She walked away, and Tony gave a bemused look at the short confrontation before walking away to prepare for Dina's interrogation.


At 5:16pm, Tony had begun his investigation of Dina, asking for the names of everyone involved. She said that her husband kept all that from her, but Tony refused to believe her. When Tony threatened her son's immunity agreement, Dina said that she knew a few names that Navi had mentioned, and began to write them down. Through an earpiece, Driscoll told Tony to ask Dina about a man named Habib Marwan. He did so, and she said that she heard his name a few times, and thought he was an engineer.


Tony threatens Dina Araz

Tony left the interrogation room and told Driscoll that every name Dina gave them checked out as a cell member. Driscoll saw that Marwan was attached to every name on the list, yet she claimed never to have met him. Tony inferred that it was his operation, and she knew more that she was saying. Tony said he needed some space to finish the interrogation, and Driscoll understood. Tony called in an agent, Danny, and said that he wanted all video and audio from the room disconnected. Danny nodded and left. Dina watched as the camera was turned off, but she said she did not believe him. Tony picked Dina up and forced everyone out of the observation room. He then pushed Dina against the wall and said that if she did not tell him everything she knew about Marwan, Behrooz would go to prison for murder and treason, where he would not last long before he committed suicide. As Tony walked away, Dina finally agreed to talk about Marwan. She said that he was the leader of the cell and in possession of the override device at the Rockland building. Tony called Jack and updated him, as well as Erin Driscoll. Driscoll then addressed the main floor and explained the situation to them. Tony told Jack that there was 20 minutes before the plants started to melt down, and Jack asked Tony to tell Castle to prep for an assault on the building.


Tony briefed Driscoll and the rest of the CTU staff on Habib Marwan's history. Tony suggested devoting some manpower to finding other possible cells that Marwan had rather than having them all searching for Marwan. Driscoll simply gazed blankly, not responding to his query. Tony repeated himself and she simply agreed and walked away. Tony then told Edgar to relocate personnel; whoever came in the last six hours could stay on Marwan but people who had been around longer could search for other cells. Sarah questioned if they should ignore what just happened with Driscoll. Tony said that their job was not to decide if Driscoll was up to handling her job, and told the analysts to get on with their work.

Later, Tony updated Erin on the fact that it seemed like Marwan had escaped. Heller said that he would try to activate some sleeper cells and most likely launch a strike right away to create fear that the US was still vulnerable. Erin tried to exit the room, but collapsed on her way out. Tony called for a medic and Heller poured her some water. He insisted that she left for something to eat, and Heller told Tony that she would need to be relieved of duty. He told Tony to contact Division and to tell them to send someone. Tony said that he could run the office temporarily. Heller said that Tony was not fluent with the new systems, but Tony said that an analyst was not needed; a decision maker was. Heller agreed, but said that a permanent Director would need to be appointed.

Curtis approached Tony and Heller later, angered that Tony had been appointed Director and not him. Heller said that Tony has experience running CTU, and he need not worry a permanent replacement was being sent soon. He then asked Tony if he had been updated by Jack. Tony said that Jack would call if they pick up any threats at McLennen-Forster.

Driscoll handed over her access cards and information to Tony, then said that if her personal things gets in his way they could be put into storage. She said to ask Curtis if he needed anything, or to call her at home. Tony thanked her, and she walked away. Tony then announced the changeover to the staff on the main floor, saying that their objectives remain the same. He then butted heads with Curtis over what Edgar should be focused on. Curtis assumed that Tony was trying to establish his position, but Tony said he just wanted Edgar, one of the best analysts, to back up Jack at McLennen.


Tony is shocked to see that Erin Driscoll's replacement is his ex-wife Michelle Dessler

Edgar told Tony that all cell and landlines around McLennen Forster were not working. Tony suggested using the network to message him. Tony began to so, and Jack told him that the radio frequency was out. Before the messaging could continue the computer systems broke down. They discovered that there was an EMP, and Tony instructed Sarah to make sure there were no choppers in the vicinity. The EMP detonated, and Tony told field teams to go and find Jack and Paul. He also sent a medical team in to help with casualties at the chopper, which did not escape the location in time. Tony then updated Heller, who noticed that the new replacement for Driscoll had arrived. Tony noticed how quick it was, and turned to see that the replacement was his ex-wife, Michelle Dessler.


Tony listened as Heller thanked him for acting as Special Agent in Charge, and announced to the main floor that Michelle Dessler was taking over. He asked Tony to bring everyone up to speed, and so Tony explained that an EMP had been detonated in McLennen-Forster, where Habib Marwan had worked under an alias. Michelle announced that they would do everything to get Jack and Paul back, but they priority was the information they found. After, Michelle asked Tony for the codes for CTU and Division, which he gave her. He then asked what she wanted him to do, and she asked him to do some busywork about relating names to Habib Marwan. Tony was less than pleased with the simple work, but Michelle said it needed to be done. Tony argued that he should be helping to find Jack and Paul, but Michelle brought up Tony's alcoholic past and said that if he didn't like the work, he could resign. She assigned him Level 3 clearance, and despite Tony's anger at his lower clearance than before, Michelle did not budge.

Sarah Gavin picked up a chopper flying to McLennen-Forster and realized it was not a police or CTU vehicle. Tony said that it was on a search and destroy mission sent by whoever set off the EMP to kill Jack and Paul. Michelle told Curtis to tell the field teams about the intruding chopper. Later, Michelle decided to bring Tony into the circle and away from the busywork she gave him earlier. After firing Sarah for not being committed to her job, she handed Tony her workload. Curtis and Michelle began to talk about about where to place CTU units, and Tony suggested putting them all together at the McLennen-Forster building instead of spreading them out across the area as suggested by Curtis. Tony worked out that Jack would try to start a fire-fight as he would know that CTU could pick it up on their infared systems if they did so, and therefore would allow the teams to know where he was; exactly what Jack was doing. Michelle decided to ignore Tony's advice, and told Curtis to inform the teams to cover the perimeter.


Tony insists that Jack Bauer will try to start a fire-fight with the McLennen-Forster mercenaries

Later Michelle approached Tony and apologized for shooting down his idea earlier, and said that she would seriously consider anything he had to offer as he had run the office himself for two years. Tony said he would tell her what he thinks whether she wants to hear it or not. Audrey approached Tony and offered to help with his search. They began to talk about her and Jack's relationship, and she said it was very different than being in Washington. Tony said that he was surprised that Jack had taken a job in D.C. out of the field.

Edgar Stiles suddenly found the location of several commandos ground around one location. Tony reinforced his idea; that they were planning an attack. Michelle looked regretfully at Tony. Automatic weapon fire was picked up at the sight of the transmission. Audrey asked out far away the teams were. Curtis said at least five minutes. Soon the firing stopped, and Curtis suggested that the commandos could have taken over the location and taken back the data. Audrey asked Tony what would have happened to Jack and Paul. Tony said that there was no way to tell. As the CTU teams arrived, Tony told Lee Castle that failure was not an option, and the McLennen-Forster teams could not be allowed to take the information back. Castle arrived and found Jack and Paul safe. Tony went and updated Michelle on what happened. He said that seeing her today had made things worse, and that he wanted to leave. Eyes watering, Michelle said that they could not afford to lose him and asked him to stay. He agreed and left her office.


Tony greeted Jack as he returned in a chopper with Paul Raines, who had been shot. He said that they found a name on the information he sent from McLennen-Forster; Joseph Fayed, a university professor who came to the US in 1995. In the Situation Room the briefing continued. Michelle said that a tactical team was being sent in to pick him up, but Jack said that was a mistake. It would be better to send someone in undercover as it had become obvious that Marwan had chosen men who were willing to die. He suggested sending Dina Araz in, and said that he could convince her to help them stop Marwan. Tony watched as Jack offered Dina a witness protection deal with her son, which she agreed to, and they went ahead with their plan.


Michelle and Tony talk about the mental state of Edgar Stiles after his outburst

Michelle updated the team about Jack's plan and he sets off for the deal. Tony asked Edgar to fabricate some LAPD time logs presenting that the ambush took place. Edgar angrily argued with Tony for not giving him a specific time window to deal with, and Tony informed Michelle that he was incapable of running com for the operation. Michelle asked about Chloe, and Tony explained that she was forced to resign by Driscoll after siding with Jack. Michelle decided to reinstate Chloe. Tony suggested that Jack told Audrey what he was going to do and how risky the operation was, but Jack said that she had enough on her mind. They went through to Dina's room, who demanded to see Behrooz. They agreed to let her do so, and she was taken to Behrooz. Tony listened as Dina gave rough details about her plan to her son. Jack said that they had to go and she left her son.

On the CTU main floor Tony told Michelle that comms ensured that they should be able to hear everything in the house. Tony observed as Jack's plan worked, with Fayed calling Marwan and telling the former to bring Jack and Dina to him. Whilst driving under a tunnel, Tony noticed that it too the car much too long to come out the other side. Eventually it did, but Chloe switched the satellite to infared and saw that there was only one person in the car. Michelle told the CTU teams to move in on Fayed, but before they could get him his car exploded. Dalton, one of the CTU team members, called Tony to report that Fayed along with Agent Baron had been killed in the blast. Chloe pulled the archive; three vehicles came out of the tunnel in the time that Fayed's car was in there. One was a van, which Chloe got the licence plate for. Michelle told Tony to call a search out for the van.


The van was found, with Dina Araz's body in it and no signs of Jack. Tony told Michelle that, if Jack was alive, he would find a way to contact CTU. Michelle then asked about earlier in the day when Tony saved Jack's life, but Tony brushed it off saying that he owed Jack one. He then changed the conversation to Audrey, who had been waiting a long time for Paul to get out of surgery. Tony suggested telling her about Jack, but Michelle said that she did not want Audrey interfering. Audrey approached the two and Michelle decided to inform Audrey of the situation with Jack. Audrey demanded that Michelle find Jack.

Later, Marwan called and offered to exchange Jack for Behrooz Araz. In a meeting deciding CTU's course of action Tony laid out the two reasons Marwan might have to go ahead with the trade; a personal connection or potentially dangerous information that Behrooz might have. Michelle agreed and told Edgar to search through Behrooz's history to see if he had a connection with Marwan. Tony said that Behrooz's interrogation did not suggest he knew anything vital, but he wasn't pushed very hard. Curtis was tasked with the interrogation, and Tony suggested a physical approach as it was quicker. Audrey then asked what was happening, and Tony explained about the trade. In the interrogation room, Curtis tried to get Behrooz to talk to him about Marwan. He said he knew nothing about him, and so Richards came in with a syringe and prepared to interrogate him.


Tony observes as Curtis Manning and Richards interrogate Behrooz Araz

Around ten minutes later Tony observed as Curtis questioned a very groggy Behrooz; he asked if Marwan ever visited their house and if he ever spoke to Marwan alone away from his parents. Tony was called for a briefing and told Jesse to let him know if Behrooz produced anything relevant. Audrey asked again if a decision had been made about the trade for Jack, and Tony said it would be decided in this meeting and he would let her know. Tony then told Michelle that he did not think Behrooz would produce anything. Bill Buchanan from Division arrived to oversee the operation. Buchanan asked why Marwan wanted the boy, and Michelle said there was no evidence connecting the two or that Behrooz had any critical information. Buchanan decided to go ahead with the trade and sent troops to prepare at the site of the exchange.

Tony went to the medical facility where Audrey was waiting outside Paul's operation room. He told her that they were going ahead with the exchange. Tony informed her that they had to consider Jack expendable as the main objective was to try to track Marwan. He told then her that Jack was the only friend he had left so he was going to do everything he could to keep Jack safe. He left the clinic and told Edgar to set up some video feeds for the trade. Tony then confirmed with Chloe that the trackers placed on Behrooz were working. After the trade was made, Jack called Tony and explained that he short-circuited a phone line in the building he was being held, and so it could be tracked with a search for two service obstructions. Tony agreed and did what Jack said. He soon found the location and it was sent to CTU tactical teams.


Tony updated the President about what was happening with Habib Marwan. Keeler said that he planned to land before the 11'o'clock news, but Tony said that he was safer in the air. Keeler expressed displeasure with having flown for over 20 hours, and said that the American people needed to see their President. Michelle suggesting seeing the people through Air Force One, but he disagreed.

Buchanan approached the two and asked about the location. He learnt that there were 8 hostiles in the building, but it could not be known if Marwan was there. The raid took place but Marwan escaped. Later, Tony informed Michelle that Marwan has escaped the perimeter, but he was confident that he still could be found. Jack called in to CTU and informed them that some printed data including names and faces had escaped the damage of the blast, and told them that Lee Castle was uploading them to the CTU server. Buchanan agreed to cross reference them with their watch list. Edgar did the task as requested by Jack and Buchanan. Tony noticed a moment between Buchanan and Michelle, which prompted him to ask Chloe if the two had worked together in the past. He learnt that whilst he was in jail, Michelle and Buchanan both worked at CTU Seattle.

Tony asked Michelle when she was going to tell him about her relationship with Buchanan. She said never; it was none of his business. She angrily walked away. Soon, Jack called Tony with evidence suggesting Mitch Anderson, a lead found from the site of the raid, was posing as military. Tony agreed to update his profile to see if anything came up.

Tony, Chloe and Michelle reel in horror as Air Force One is hit by Mitch Anderson

Jack soon discovered specs for a military fighter plane on a hard drive found in the apartment. Tony investigated and found that a plane had taken off on a scheduled mission about thirty minutes before. The pilot did not call in on schedule. Jack said that Anderson was likely flying that plane. Tony began to work up a list of obvious possible targets. Michelle remembered that Air Force One was in the air near where Anderson was, and Jack concluded that they were going after the President.

Tony sent the details of Anderson's profile to Jack, and patched him through to Anderson in the stealth fighter. Jack tried to talk Anderson out of what he was doing, but the latter did not respond. After a few minutes, Anderson terminated the call and disallowed any more calls from coming through. He proceeded with his attack upon Air Force One and managed to successfully take it down.


Tony organized for search and rescue teams from CTU Las Vegas to go to the site of the crash and investigate. Jack arrived at CTU and managed to get in contact with a Secret Service agent on the plane, but he did not know the status of the President. Michelle and Buchanan briefed the agents at CTU, saying that they all had to be dedicated to finding Habib Marwan.


Bill Buchanan assures Tony that nothing is happening with him and Michelle as she still cares for Tony

Buchanan later had a meeting with Tony and told him that all Cabinet members would need to be briefed on Vice President Charles Logan taking over office for a least a short time even if President Keeler was found to be alive. Tony acted uninterested in what Buchanan had to say, explaining that he knew how to do his job. Buchanan asked if there was a problem, and questioned as to whether it was to do with him and Michelle. Tony said it was none of his business, but Buchanan continued; outside of work their relationship never "got off the ground" because she still cared so much about Tony. Before Tony could say anything, Chloe approached them and said that the rescue teams were inside Air Force One. They all went to observe the live video feed, and discovered to their relief that the President was alive.

Tony then forwarded Jack a call from a man named Jason Girard who, whilst on a camping trip with his wife, recovered the nuclear football which had fallen out of Air Force One during the crash. Jack told Jason to remove the tracking device that was embedded into the football when Jason noticed enemy vehicles heading towards his position. After he did so, Jason and his wife ran from the vicinity and Jack asked Tony for complete coverage of the area so they could follow the couple. He also asked for schematics of a building nearby that he told the couple to go to.

Later Jack retrieved the football and contacted Tony. Tony was confused as to why Marwan would give up the football to buy his freedom, and told Jack to check to see if everything was present in the device. Jack searched through the playbook and found that some pages in Red Section 3 were missing. Tony checked and discovered that those pages contained the United States nuclear device locations.


In a briefing before talking to Acting President Charles Logan, Tony informed Buchanan and Michelle that Jack was still in the field trying to reconstruct the Red Chapter that had been taken from the playbook, with assistance from Fred Laughton. Jack called in and explained that he and Fred had just finished a partial reconstruction of the Red Chapter and were sending it over. However, he reminded the CTU team that Marwan only needed to get to one warhead and he could launch an attack.

Tony and Michelle left the briefing, and Tony informed her that the warheads that were in transit posed the greatest problem as Marwan could strike on any of them. Michelle appeared to be able to say something personal to Tony, but Chloe arrived and interrupted. She said that they had picked up the name of a man associated with Marwan, Yosik Khatami, who had been caught on CCTV footage at a gas station. Michelle told Tony to divert Curtis to Khatami's location and to intercept him.


Tony expresses concerns over Acting President Charles Logan's leadership skills

Tony, Michelle and Buchanan then had a conference call with Logan, who asked about the warhead situation. He was disappointed to hear that Khatami was their only lead, and said to call back when they had "something more concrete". After he hung up, Tony expressed displeasure with the fear that Logan spoke with, saying that he was the man the American people were supposed to look to for confidence. Before more could be said Chloe entered the room and said that Curtis had located Khatami. Buchanan instructed her to tell Curtis to pursue, not intercept, in the hopes he would lead them to Marwan. Everyone except Tony left the briefing room, and Michelle shot him a worried glance as she left.

Tony later apologized to Michelle for asking about her and Buchanan a few hours before. She said that she appreciated that, and he also apologized for any tension there was between them and expressed a desire to move on from the past. As Curtis closed in on Khatami, Michelle asked for Tony's tactical input on the scenario, and they went to set up in the Situation Room. Curtis intercepted Khatami, but not before he could be killed by Joe Prado, a man who Katami met with but claimed just to be defending himself by killing the terrorist. Curtis arrived with Prado, and Tony informed him that his record suggests that he has been either a criminal or a mercenary over the last five years. Before an interrogation of the man could commence, however, David Weiss of Amnesty Global arrived to protect the rights of Prado, saying he was being held illegally.

As part of a plan to escape the Amnesty restraining order, Prado was released so Jack could torture him outside of CTU as a private citizen. Prado expressed concern as he was leaving, suspecting CTU of a plan. However, Tony told him to be less paranoid and that they simply were not interested in him anymore.

Audrey entered the Situation Room and informed the team that a warhead convoy was missing in central Iowa. Chloe soon found the convoy and updated Tony; all the government operatives there were dead and the warhead had been taken.


Tony observed at Jack and Curtis went to The Hub, where Joe Prado admitted Marwan was when Jack physically cooerced him. As Marwan and his men escaped through a tunnel underground, Tony called for a two mile perimeter to be set up. A bomb went off sealing Marwan's exit through the tunnel, and Michelle and Tony waited for a response, fearing for Jack and Curtis' lives. They soon responded. Tony later told Curtis that Marwan had likely escaped the perimeter as the tunnels connected with sewer pipes which had over thirty exits from them. Tony said that they would continue to look and for Curtis to coordinate with the teams there. Curtis then told Tony that he found a video tape from a man who had been shot. It was damaged but probably could be recovered. Michelle told him to send a man back with the tape.


Tony tells Edgar to let Chloe use his system

Tony was later approached by Chloe who was having a dispute with Edgar regarding a program she required on his system, but he refused to allow her access to. Tony told Edgar to allow Chloe into his system, and despite an effort to fight against Tony's wishes Edgar agreed. After Chloe investigated her lead further she informed Tony that a woman was suspicious of her boyfriend, who had records on his computer related to nuclear warheads. Buchanan ordered a search for him and told Chloe to send it out to all agencies, and Tony suggested that the boyfriend was probably in the Iowa region with the warhead. Buchanan sent Chloe to the girlfriend's house to investigate the other files on his computer. She protested and looked to Tony for a way out of a field operation, but Buchanan didn't budge.


At 2:18am, Tony told Michelle that he thought Marwan's men had managed to sneak the warhead outside of the perimeter that the army had set up. The phone rung and Michelle answered. She passed it to Tony, who asked who it was. She responded, with a grim look, "the woman who you're living with". Tony took the phone and told Jen Slater that he should have called earlier and apologized. She said she was really worried and reminded him that he hated CTU and asked why he went back there. He just said things had changed. She asked why his ex-wife was there, and he said he had to go and hung up. Tony said he was sorry for her finding out about Jen like that. She said it was none of her business. He said that it was, and told her that when she left everything fell apart for him, and she was there for him. She said he did not have to make excuses for his relationships, but he said he was not making an excuse, he was just telling her how it is. She asked if he loved her. He said no. Michelle, about to burst into tears, was told by Edgar about some new security protocols and she left.


Tony provides tactical for Jack's covert mission

Jack called Tony and said that he needed real-time updates of infared on the Chinese consulate where Lee Jong, a man connected with Marwan, was hiding from the authorities. Jack explained that he and his team had to go in and get Lee as the consulate would not release him in time before the warhead would detonate. Jack told Tony that it was a covert operation and he was the only person at CTU who could know. Tony overlayed the infared with a satellite map of the consulate and sent the data to Jack. The two worked out where Lee Jong was by searching for a populated area, and they decided to move in.

Jack headed over to the consulate and reached a door. He used a device to break into it and went down a corridor towards Lee's room. Before he could go far Tony stopped him and said someone was approaching him from the west side. He began to move away and Jack went forward. He bypassed several other guards and got closer to Lee. He saw the man talking to the consul. He tranquillized two guards, knocked out another man and took Lee. Knocking him out, he took the man over his shoulder and began to run out. Guards were alerted and began to move towards him. He told Curtis on his comm to bring the van around to the front to meet him. Jack got out as guards began to open fire on him. Curtis and Bern arrived to provide support. In the process, the consul was killed by one of the Chinese agents fire. They got out successfully but found that Lee had been hit. As they drove away Tony asked for a status on Lee. Jack said that he was shot in the back and they were about 15 minutes out.


Buchanan is angered he was out of the loop

Buchanan approached Tony and asked about the situation; how did Jack have Lee Jong and why was he shot? Tony said that he and Jack did a covert operation on the authority of the White House but it had to remain secret. He apologized for not keeping him in the loop, but said that was the way Jack wanted to play it. Buchanan exploded "You don't work for Jack, you work for me!" He said that he did not feel that Tony should even have been reinstated. Tony said that he understood Buchanan's anger but thought that it was about something else (suggesting Buchanan's failed relationship with Michelle). Buchanan said that Tony was out of line and stormed away.


At around 3:30am Tony told Buchanan that Lee should be able to respond to questioning soon. Buchanan told him that when that happened everyone from Com should be on standby. They entered Michelle's office, who told them that Secretary of State Taylor authorized the head of security at the Chinese consulate to go to CTU and question them about the raid. Buchanan said that they had to prove they did not attack the consulate. He explained that Novick was working on someone to blame for the ambush. Buchanan told Michelle to mask all visible screens when the man, Cheng Zhi, arrives whilst he worked up things with Jack.


Tony tells Michelle that his life has not been the same since they divorced

As Buchanan left, Tony and Michelle were left alone. Michelle said that if they did not get information from Lee, Paul Raines would have died for nothing. Tony said that when he met Audrey the day before it seemed that her and Jack were extremely close, but this situation could have torn them apart. He told Michelle that he hated being without her, and she responded that she never wanted it to be this way. Curtis buzzed in on the phone, informing them that Cheng had arrived. She told him to send Cheng to the Situation Room where Bill and Jack were waiting for him.

As Cheng left Tony informed Bill that Jack and Curtis had formed a perimeter around the location (which had been given to them by Lee) and were converging. Once they entered the location and killed all of Marwan's men Tony and CTU desperately tried to track the location of the missile that Marwan had control of, but before they could do anything the missile was launched.


As CTU was unable to stop the missile launch or locate it, Jack told Tony that he would bring Marwan in for questioning. After he hung up Buchanan questioned how Marwan could have assembled a missile, and Michelle suggested that he had brought it in piece by piece. Tony said that the missile could travel 600 miles per hour and had the range to hit anywhere in the continental United States. It could hit a target on either coast in under three hours. It could hit its target even sooner if not heading for the coast.

Buchanan and Tony were in a meeting in the Situation Room considering targets for the missile when Chloe entered and told them that Edgar had found that Richard Heller - Secretary Heller's son - had called Marwan a week before. Buchanan told Chloe to send a team in and Tony asked if Audrey knew, which she did not. He approached her and informed her about her brother. She said there was no way he was a terrorist, and Tony said they would find out soon enough.

Tony was informed that Marwan had escaped from CTU custody with the aide of some of his concealed men. He told Jack that Marwan had escaped their perimeter by dumping their vehicle and got into another car. Jack told them to hold off on interrogating Richard until he arrived. Tony then updated Michelle on the situation. He told her that he wanted to be with her again, but away from the CTU life.


Tony is taken hostage by Mandy

Tony was called to go on a mission to the Mercerwood where Richard Heller's lead had taken them. As he was about to go Michelle said that she would leave CTU with him and she was ready to spend the rest of her life with him. He kissed her and walked away. She told him to be careful. He boarded a chopper which landed near to the hotel, and Jack, Tony and the team were driven there directly.

Tony and Lee Castle took up positions on the roof while Jack went in towards the room. Jack called Tony a few moments later and said the man was dead and the girl was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly Tony heard Castle being shot, and Mandy came out holding him hostage. She told Tony to drop his gun or she would kill him. He did it and she told him to go down his knees with his hands on his head. She told Castle to cuff him, which he just managed to do. She then shot Castle, killing him. Mandy made Tony get up and walked him away. She took him into a different room and gagged his mouth.



Tony gagged and bound in the apartment building

Mandy looked at Tony's personnel file on her laptop whilst the authorities began to search for her in the apartment building. She talked to Marwan on the phone, saying that she was dealing with a problem. She then reminded Tony that he had put Michelle's life ahead of national security and committed treason by letting a suspect go. She then asked if Michelle would do the same for him. Mandy called Michelle and showed her a picture of a gagged and bound Tony, and told Michelle to remove her men from Mandy's location so she could escape. Mandy hung up and said to Tony, "well she still loves you. The question is how much". She watched as the troops moved away under her request. After they did, Mandy tasered Tony, knocking him unconscious.

She staged a plan to trick the authorities into thinking that she had killed herself and Tony in a car bomb, but it was unsuccessful as Jack saw through her plan. She noticed this and made Tony, who had regained consciousness, undo his own cuffs and redress. After doing this he recuffed himself and they left, with her holding a gun to his back. On the way out, he pushed his foot into a smashed lamp, leaving a trail of blood along the floor.


Jack finds Mandy and Tony in the parking lot

Mandy walked Tony to the parking lot where he tried to fight her off. He kicked the gun out of her hand and, using his shoulders, smashed her against a car. She managed to overpower him and regained control. Suddenly Jack arrived after following the trail of blood. She took Tony and pointed the gun to his neck, asking if Jack had what it took to let her shoot him whilst he was looking in the eye. Jack said that he did and she believed him. Before she could do anything Curtis crept up behind her, pulled the gun from her and punched her in the face. Jack made sure Tony was OK before giving him a phone to call Michelle and tell her that he was alive.

Buchanan found Michelle -- who he had sent home -- and informed her that Tony was still alive. He explained how Mandy had tricked CTU and that he was coming in and would see her in a few minutes. He told her that he loved her, and she told him that she loved him.


Tony watched as Mandy received her immunity agreement, after which she told Jack and Curtis that Marwan was on the roof of the Global Center. Tony was then taken back to CTU. As he arrived back, he saw Michelle and they embraced. She said that she was so upset when she heard that he was dead, and he apologized. She said that she did not realize how much she loved him until she thought she lost him. He said it was over and they kissed.

Whilst Tony changed, Jack entered and took some belongings from his locker. Tony said he was sorry that Jack had to take the fall for everything that happened at the Chinese consulate, and Jack thanked him. Jack received a call from David Palmer, telling him not to be taken into custody because the agent was going to kill Jack, fearing that he would break under the pressure of the Chinese and reveal US government secrets. Jack formulated a plan with Tony, and also involved Michelle and Chloe, whereby he would fake his death.


Tony revives Jack

Tony ordered a lockdown and called Buchanan, telling him that Jack had escaped during their debrief. Whilst Chloe was searching for Jack, Tony explained that Jack knocked him to the floor and ran. The agent assigned to take Jack into custody, Dale Spalding, arrived and decided to take matters into his own hands by finding Jack himself. They entered Section C where Jack was, and he began to shoot at them. Spalding became angered by Tony's intervention and threatened him, but he said he was going to bring Jack out and Spalding could shoot him in the back if he wanted Tony to stop. Tony went over and found that Jack was dead on the floor from one of Spalding's shots. Tony rebuked Spaulding for shooting Jack, who clearly did not want to shoot them or else he would have hit them. Tony lashed out at Spalding just as Chloe, Michelle and Buchanan entered. Buchanan ordered Spalding to be taken to the Situation Room. As everyone else left, Michelle handed Tony some epinephrine and he injected Jack, bringing him back to life all as part of their plan.

Tony and Michelle drove Jack away from CTU, avoiding all other agents. Jack said that they needed to get back to CTU before anyone got suspicious. Tony told Jack that they had secured him a new identity to get him across the border, as well as a clean phone. Jack thanked them for everything, then got out of the car. Just as he walked away Tony called him back and told him to be careful. Jack said that he would, shook hands and thanked them again. Tony drove away back to CTU.

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