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Townshend was a CTU agent present during Coffee Run.

The Rookie Edit

Alton Maxwell, CTU Los Angeles' Deputy Director, told Townshend and Angie Lawson to follow him to join a briefing after a situation presented itself in the Gulf. Alton then turned to rookie agent Jason Blaine and told him to fetch coffee for the attendants of the meeting.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Townshend's face was never shown, only the back of his head. It is presumed that the agent shown is Townshend as he appeared to be the only agent in the vicinity, and Alton pointed in the direction of where that agent was when he said "Townshend".
  • It is possible that Townshend appears in Mistaken Identity as the agent who tells Angie Lawson that their COM systems are temporarily down.

Live appearancesEdit

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