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Trish was Laurel Tenn's friend and one of the civilians who was fooled into going to Deadline.

Trish met Laurel at the Double Eight bar and told her about a man recruiting women to work in a kitchen at a casino. The two of them took a bus out of town, but soon realized that they were lied to when they found out no casino existed, and when the bus driver and recruiter beat a man to a pulp and left him on the road to die. When the bus driver stopped so everyone could go to the bathroom, the women figured out that they were being sold into prostitution for a local biker club. As Trish began to panic, Laurel told her to calm down just as Fang entered the bathroom to check up on them. Laurel assaulted Fang, and she and Trish ran outside and tried to escape. Trish was caught by Fang and taken to The Crankcase, while Laurel escaped.

Trish was later rescued by Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds after they burned the Crankcase down and freed all the civilians inside. They took them to an abandoned mega-mart and told them to stay put until the biker gang was dealt with. However, Trish, Chase, and the other civilians were endangered yet again when Benjamin Rydell found Chase and took him hostage, along with everyone else. Shortly afterwards, Bauer returned to the mega-mart and killed the remaining bikers, thus saving Trish and the others. (Deadline)

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