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U-Pack Storage Rental was a storage rental facility in the Playa del Rey neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. In addition to its legitimate business, U-Pack's owners also used it as a depot for burglaries in the area and as a meeting ground for various criminal organizations.

As a ruse to distract from his intended target in Los Angeles, the anarchist Zapata arranged an arms deal at U-Pack Storage with members of the Islamist terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah, trading a computer virus Zapata wrote for a weapons cache. Alliance Moving, a criminal front, was chosen as Zapata's representatives. The entire operation was intended to trick federal authorities into believing that JI would attack the Pacific Rim Forum the following day, allowing him to operate unimpeded.

Intercepting a communication between JI leader Encep Sungkar and Bacharuddin Wahid, agents at CTU Los Angeles learned that they planned to buy the arms, including a rocket-propelled grenade, from a local dealer named Arturo Menifee. After leading a team to raid Menifee's warehouse in Inglewood, Tony Almeida devised a plan to go undercover as Menifee and accompany Sungkar to the storage facility. Meanwhile, Vanowen, the Alliance Moving boss, prepared to attend the meeting with Emil Ramirez and the undercover Jack Bauer.

At the storage facility, both Jack and Tony were stunned to see the other, but couldn't show any sign of recognition at the risk of blowing their covers. Just as the deal was concluded, federal marshal Dan Pascal and the LAPD - who had tracked Vanowen from his hotel - arrived, ordering all of them to surrender. Sungkar's men, including a sniper on the roof of the building, opened fire on the police, and a firefight ensued. With the weapons in the back of the van, Jack managed to get Vanowen, bleeding from a gunshot wound, and Ramirez inside and rammed through the police barricade. On the way, he carefully aimed and took out the sniper before he could kill any of the policemen. Sungkar escaped from the facility as well.

During the clean-up, CTU agent Peter Jiminez arrived to debrief Tony on what had happened. Tony shared his suspicion that Jack had actually turned traitor and was working as a mercenary for hire, but Jiminez strongly doubted that this was likely. (Chaos Theory)