The United States National Guard refers to the civilian reserve force of either the United States Army (the Army National Guard) or the United States Air Force (the Air National Guard). It can be called in to service by a governor of a state during an emergency or the President of the United States, and is often used to serve with the other armed forces abroad or to assist in domestic crises.

Day 2 Edit

The detonation of the nuclear bomb caused civil unrest all across the United States. President David Palmer ordered the National Guard to control the situation.

Day 6 Edit

The National Guard was charged with imprisoning 110 dangerous terrorists at the Palmdale Military prison. When President Wayne Palmer was pressured by Abu Fayed, he ordered to have the prisoners released, so the Guard moved them all to a jet and awaited further instructions. However, a traitorous sergeant among the guardsmen let Hasan Numair escape, meet with Fayed, and assist in the arming of a suitcase nuclear device.

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