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Curtis Manning S5

Curtis Manning

Curtis Manning was the Director of Field Operations of CTU Los Angeles. Previously, he was head of Tactical and Assistant Director of Field Operations in CTU Los Angeles.

During the events of Day 4, Curtis was the Chief of Staff of CTU Los Angeles. He quickly became one of Jack Bauer's biggest allies and friends. Jack and Curtis were able to locate terrorist leader Habib Marwan and disarm a Dobson Override device that was threatening the United States with a nuclear holocaust.

During Day 5 he once again was a great help in stopping more terrorist attacks, this time involving nerve gas.

Day 6 saw the return of Jack Bauer after Chinese capture. The United States had been hit with multiple terrorist attacks and when Hamri Al-Assad, the suspected mastermind of the attacks and a hated rival of Curtis is found to be innocent Curtis refuses to forget the past. After signing a deal with the President of the United States, Curtis grabs Assad and threatens to kill him. Jack Bauer is forced to fatally shoot Curtis in the neck to prevent the loss of information Assad's death would bring.

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