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  • AlexGRFan97

    Now, many people have ranked the seasons as a whole in the past, but to my knowledge, no-one has attempted ranking every episode in order, and this is what really needs to be done more. Regular TV shows would typically have consistent writing throughout 13 episodes, as they are usually tasked with creating a whole new story from scratch. 24 was different in the way that each season had to have 24 episodes, almost double, and had to continue the story of the previous episode.

    • Days 1 through 8
    • Live Another Day
    • Redemption
    • The Day 4 through 6 prequels
    • Day Zero
    • The Game (Day 2.5)

    For this ranking I have decided to create a 24 point (naturally) scale known as S.A.R.A. - Story, Action, Realism and Atmosphere, all of which are graded on a scale of 0 - 6.…

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