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  • BattleshipMan

    This is the blog about how 24 bares resemblances to various movies, TV shows and video games.

    Jack Bauer bares similarities to movie and video game characters such as Die Hard's John McClane, Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher, The Bourne Identity's Jason Bourne and is said to have influenced recent characters such as Bryan Mills in the Taken movie franchise. Additionally, the character Mike Banning in the Olympus Has Fallen film franchise bears similarity to Bauer by not only being a former Special Forces soldier but also having to save the President of the U.S. when terrorists invade the White House. Banning also coincidentally ends up killing a total of 24 villain.

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    Some 24 actors have appeared on the movie Air Force One, which is based on the name of the plane of The President of the United States of America.

    1. Wendy Crewson
    2. Xander Berkeley
    3. Jurgen Prochnow
    4. Glenn Morshower
    5. David Gianopoulos
    6. Bill Smitrovich
    7. Spencer Garrett
    8. Tom Everett
    9. Timothy Carhart
    10. Don McManus
    11. Boris Krutonog
    12. Bruce Holman
    13. Charlie Brewer
    14. Chris O'Hara
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    This is the list of actors and stuntman in 24 who appeared in the films Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen.

    1. Simon Rhee
    2. Ron Yuan
    3. Arnold Chon
    4. Lin Oeding
    5. Clayton Barber
    6. Philip Tan
    7. Will Leong
    8. Jeff Brockton
    9. Kevin Beard (as Thomas Kevin Beard)
    10. J. J. Perry
    11. Gary J. Wayton
    12. Terry Dale Parks
    13. Lloyd Barachina

    1. Colin Salmon
    2. Nigel Whitmey
    3. Gary Arthurs
    4. Justin Pearson
    5. Julian Kostov
    6. David Garrick
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    Actors who appeared on both shows

    • Annie Wersching
    • Amy Price-Francis (who appeared in the original pilot, but left and her character was re-casted in the new version of the pilot and the rest of the series)
    • Jamie McShane (who appeared in the original pilot, but left afterwards)
    • Mark Derwin (who replaced McShane on the new version of the pilot and the rest of the series)
    • Scott Klace
    • Paul Vincent O'Connor
    • DaJuan Johnson
    • Steven Culp
    • Sarah Clarke
    • Mary Page Keller
    • John Eddins
    • Burt Bulos
    • Callie Thompson
    • Jeff Griggs
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  • BattleshipMan

    Gunman6 and I we're thinking about which actor should have appeared in 24 and what could make a season of 24 better.

    For various actors and stunt performers who should have made appearance in 24 and what type of roles that they would have appeared in:

    1. Michael Ironside (Total Recall, the voice of Sam Fisher of five Splinter Cell games) - He would made a great top villain of 24 or a CTU director.
    2. Thomas F. Duffy (Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Varsity Blues) - Duffy would be good as a criminal or suspect involved in the plot.
    3. Diane Neal (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, NCIS) - Neal would make a good Secret Service agent or a CTU staffer.
    4. Keith David (Voice of Goliath in Gargoyles, Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick) - He would be a good S…

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