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Renee Walker and Janis Gold

Bauergirl September 13, 2010 User blog:Bauergirl

I absoloutely love 24! I love the edge of your seat excitement - it is absolutely the best tv show i have ever watched! My favourite characters are : The one and only Jack Bauer, Tony Almeida, David Palmer and Chloe. I miss the show and Jack soooooooooo much that i am now watching my dvd's over and over again just to get my fix.

Anyway what i wanted to ask was is there anyone else out there that found the Season 7/8 characters of Janis Gold and Renee Walker absolutely annoying? To start Janis is an idiot, I am so glad that they had Jack jumped down her throat, i laughed so hard! And Renee well... why in god's name would Jack Bauer go for someone like her????? She didn't do her job very well and that blank no emotion face (even when serious emotional things were happening) , annoyed me so much! Also the sex scene.... would much rather it have been Jack and Audrey than Jack and her. In my opinion she wasn't a female Jack Bauer and she definitely wasn't a good match for Jack.....

What does everyone else think?

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