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  • Doobiesister

    Dear Fans,

    I am a third year Geograpny student from Royal Holloway University of London and am currently undertaking my dissertation on 24. The dissertation is focussing on changes from Season 4 - Season 8 looking at Jack, torture and change in politics (from Bush to Obama). My primary research is fan based and it would be great if as many of you as possible could answer the following 20 questions in helping me to analyze your views.

    1) How old are you? 2) What is your occupation? 3) Are you male or female? 4) What is your ethnicity? 5) Are you a UK or non UK citizen? If a non UK citizen where do you reside?

    6) If you could describe Jack Bauer briefly, how would you describe him?

    7) Jack has been hailed as a h…

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  • Doobiesister

    Dear Fans!

    I am a third year Geography student studying at Royal Holloway, University of London and am currently undertaking my dissertation which is focussed on 24 and how the show relates to the War on Terror. I am trying to gather fans opinions on my topic to put into my dissertation and would be very grateful if anyone could answer the following questions:

    1) What seasons of 24 do you think link to the current War on Terror?

    2 )Do you think 24 depicts aspects of 'real life'?

    3) How do you think 24 aids viewers in understanding the current issues we are facing in society today?

    4) 24 aired shortly after 9/11. Did this shock the American audience or did it help the audience in being able to view a fictional show that has similarities to the r…

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