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October 24, 2010
  • Jackbauer90

    Okay guys I'm SORRY. The "event" was the worst idea EVER. I should not have done that, and Blue Rook, I was not doing that to you, it was the comment that says 'Jackbauer90 posted this, "we don't care."' That must of been my sister, at the time she was 8. Now she's 9 and she knows better of what's right and wrong for the internet. 24 News: In December I saw season 7 on Netflix. it was my least favorite season and wasted a complete day of my life. However, I thought that the rocket scenes were GREAT! X-D. The winner goes officially to season two.(In fact the second episode was so boring that I turned on the XBOX, and Began a matchmaking session.) My new interests for…

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  • Jackbauer90


    All passes in Washington are expected to begin ski seasons as soon as next week. Major Semi rollover this week, and SNOW IN THE FORCAST.(Possibly ice to be honest with you.)U-DUB party turns wild and mass murder attempt was found as the investigation continues.

    Random News

    Logos for Day Nine andO'brian-Bauer Holidays is underway.(I'm still trying to figure out how to use sckechup 8.0.)Lastly the actual events are major increases in activity, a forum chat, a PICTURE CONTEST,(Ill explain that in 8 days from now, when I add my next blog post.)And major expansions to my page, the chat will be fun. I'll invite Blue Rook, only if he lets me do this.(No offense Blue...but somewhere in hour 12 on 12-01-10,there will be a ROCKET LAUNCHER SCENE!!!)T…

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  • Jackbauer90


    October 24, 2010 by Jackbauer90

    News Veiw my dissusion in the situation room forum page. Winter Storm Warning For all Puget Sound Area until 04:00:00 AM PDT. Plans to Impeech Obama are rising from the Republican Party and the local church party(Newlife Cristain Church.) Seven Deceived is on 10-27-10. Random Stuff Can anyone help me install Kobiashi Maru 1.0 Mod on B.C.? Thanks. Please write anything about my Day Nine discussion in the Situation Room.My Day Nine Event begins on 11-13-10 and ends on 12-21-10. I will be on a lot more at that time then I am now. Next an 08 Day event will begin on 12-23-10 and it will be called the O'brian-Bauer Holidays will begin. Santa tracking will be held on 12-24-10 to 12-25-10. I wolnt be on during 12-22-10. Sorry. And day 10 is bein…

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