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News Veiw my dissusion in the situation room forum page. Winter Storm Warning For all Puget Sound Area until 04:00:00 AM PDT. Plans to Impeech Obama are rising from the Republican Party and the local church party(Newlife Cristain Church.) Seven Deceived is on 10-27-10. Random Stuff Can anyone help me install Kobiashi Maru 1.0 Mod on B.C.? Thanks. Please write anything about my Day Nine discussion in the Situation Room.My Day Nine Event begins on 11-13-10 and ends on 12-21-10. I will be on a lot more at that time then I am now. Next an 08 Day event will begin on 12-23-10 and it will be called the O'brian-Bauer Holidays will begin. Santa tracking will be held on 12-24-10 to 12-25-10. I wolnt be on during 12-22-10. Sorry. And day 10 is being planned for 02-04-11 to 03-01-11. Thanks-jackbauer90.

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