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10-27-10 and Seven Decived Night


All passes in Washington are expected to begin ski seasons as soon as next week. Major Semi rollover this week, and SNOW IN THE FORCAST.(Possibly ice to be honest with you.)U-DUB party turns wild and mass murder attempt was found as the investigation continues.

Random News

Logos for Day Nine andO'brian-Bauer Holidays is underway.(I'm still trying to figure out how to use sckechup 8.0.)Lastly the actual events are major increases in activity, a forum chat, a PICTURE CONTEST,(Ill explain that in 8 days from now, when I add my next blog post.)And major expansions to my page, the chat will be fun. I'll invite Blue Rook, only if he lets me do this.(No offense Blue...but somewhere in hour 12 on 12-01-10,there will be a ROCKET LAUNCHER SCENE!!!)Thanks again for your support. -jackbauer90

                                                   16 FULL DAYS REMANING UNTIL DAY NINE
                                                   Be back on 11-05-10. 8 Days To D9,
                                                   And on 11-12-10. D9 Eve.

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