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Okay guys I'm SORRY. The "event" was the worst idea EVER. I should not have done that, and Blue Rook, I was not doing that to you, it was the comment that says 'Jackbauer90 posted this, "we don't care."' That must of been my sister, at the time she was 8. Now she's 9 and she knows better of what's right and wrong for the internet. 24 News: In December I saw season 7 on Netflix. it was my least favorite season and wasted a complete day of my life. However, I thought that the rocket scenes were GREAT! X-D. The winner goes officially to season two.(In fact the second episode was so boring that I turned on the XBOX, and Began a matchmaking session.) My new interests for Wiki 24 is to come up with new ideas for improvement and try to write a fan-fiction a season. BTW my LIVE gamer tag is 'jackbau3r90. I loathe Call of Duty. -Jackbauer90

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