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WHAT IF Renee is still alive? Got Stockholm Syndrome and turned to Red Square 6 years ago? Was complicit with Charles Logan in Yuri Suvarov's attempted hit in Season 5 in order to usurp Russian leadership (which wanted peace) and allow the US and Russia to gain more influence in Asia? Is currently working with Charles Logan to usurp Yuri Suvarov? Is working with Dana Walsh, who was tried as a juvenile years ago and recruited by Charles Logan? Faked her death to lead CTU to the Red Square files and make it look like a few Red Square mercenaries were behind this and not upper levels of the Russian government? Will kill her "assassin" Pavel to make it look like he was one of the said Red Square mercenaries? Will kill Novakovich (who has no knowledge of Renee's involvement and thinks he is in control) to make it look like the conspiracy trail ends at him? What if Charles Logan showed up just so he could meet with Novakovich and claim he was behind the whole thing? HOW DID Renee know where Jack was on the docks so quickly when she came to his rescue? HOW COULD the writers not do something this crazy to resurrect an to end Season 8 what with this silly Dana Walsh and Freddy Prince Jr. angle and two weeks of people dying and all the suspense typical of 24 dying with it? Everyone Jack loves either dies or turns out to be a Nina Myers. It would be fitting for the show to end right where it started.

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