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    But you did not think that I have this grass snake to turn around one day, I would like to thank you, it is your daughter sake of me. "The hands of the sword struggling to throw the ball, sword deep into a stone, often Xiao broke shouted:" Master, leave this sword again for junior sister apprentice choose a Chenglongkuaixu, wedding day, please do not forget to drink a bowl of my brothers wedding . "Whistle loudly, ran near MIGHTY often Xiao flying horse, his back laughing, ten years ago, the snow was finally replaced by the blood of his blood enemy, MIGHTY act swiftly gone missing. Chen Hongren looking at the floor of the dead overwhelmed, Chen Xia cried: "Dad, are you. "Chen Hongren, after all, is an old traveler, teeth and said:" Xia chi…

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