As the arrival of the holidays AND Season 8 of 24 looms closer, I want to ask ole' Santa Claus, or the New Year, or little Baby Jesus, my own personal wishlist of things I would like, or not like, on this next season of the show. So here goes nothing...

  • I wish they don't invoke the 25th Amendment.
  • I wish there are no clashes between President and Vice President.
  • I wish there are no moles on CTU.
  • I wish there are no attacks on CTU.
  • I wish Freddie Prinze, Jr. doesn't suck as hard as he does on his films.
  • I wish they don't put Jack and Renee together (seriously, she doesn't look older than 30 and Jack is supposed to be what now? 50? 60?)
  • I wish Jack would appear more vulnerable than he has appeared so far.
  • I wish they bring Tony back in a way that doesn't feel forced or pulled-by-the-hairs.
  • I secretly wish they bring back Mandy.

That's a start. I'll keep updating the list as the Season 8 premiere approaches.

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