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Vasco was part of Martello Paz's death squad sent to kill Felix Monatero.

Vasco and several other mercenaries assisted Paz as he stormed the Supremo Hat Company building. Vasco drove one of the SUVs as he and two other mercenaries assaulted the building's front entrance alongside Paz. Vasco spent most of his time guarding the SUV while the rest of Paz's mercenaries took out all of the Supremo agents, including Monatero. Later on, after Paz found out who Hector Beltran really was, Fierro and Vasco traveled with Paz as he hunted down Beltran in the city. Shortly after finding and killing Beltran, Paz was killed by Jack Bauer, and Fierro and Vasco were cornered by CTU agents. Fierro tried to attack the agents and was promptly killed; Vasco stayed still in the driver's seat until the agents hauled him out the SUV and arrested him. (Storm Force)

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