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You may be looking for Vasily.

Vasili was a Russian FSB Agent working in the Russian consulate during Day 6.

Day 6 Edit

Vasili and his associates were summoned when a temporary power failure caused by Chloe O'Brian occurred in the Russian consulate. This opportunity allowed Jack Bauer to sneak into Consul Anatoly Markov's office and take him hostage. When Markov activated a security alarm in his room, this called the attention of the FSB agents, who trained their weapons on the consul's door. Bauer yelled out to Vasili that he took Markov hostage and planned to kill the consul if a room breach was attempted. Vasili's men pulled up the security feed from Markov's room and witnessed Bauer interrogating Consul Markov. When Bauer lowered his guard and walked away from the consul, Vasili's men breached the room with C4 and took Bauer prisoner.

In a holding room, Head of Security Stovich had Jack Bauer under watch. Bauer tried to convince the skeptical guard about Markov's connections to the Sentox nerve gas incident and Dmitri Gredenko. Bauer asked Stovich to call Bill Buchanan at CTU Los Angeles. When Stovich found an empty room to place the call to Buchanan, Vasili walked up behind him and shot him in the head before he could say anything to CTU. Vasili hung up Stovich's cell phone.

Shortly after, Vasili took Bauer down to the consulate's lower levels, on orders from Markov to execute him and arrange the site to make it appear as though Bauer himself had murdered Stovich and attempted an escape. However, Bauer managed to take Vasili's gun, shoot him in self-defense, and escape.

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