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Vincent Angell played Teri Bauer's friend, Phil Parslow, during Season 1 of 24.

Angell's filmography includes a minor recurring role as: Owen Thigpen and Lyor Slavok on the TV show The Shield. He has also had minor guest roles on several other TV shows, including: Charmed, CSI: Miami (with Christina Chang), Standoff (with John Lacy and Gina Torres), Law & Order, Californication (with Evan Handler and Carly Pope), Time of Your Life (with Carmen Mormino), Nip/Tuck (with Phillip Rhys), and ER (with Paul McCrane and Lourdes Benedicto).

He has had roles in several films, including We Were Soldiers (with Keith Szarabajka), Search and Destroy (with Dennis Hopper), ATF (with Michael O'Neill), Meet Prince Charming, Rain (with Eric Balfour), Easy (with DB Woodside), and Looking for Richard.

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