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Wantagh Parkway was the location of a truck weighing station in New York City.

Day 8Edit

Luka and Anton were transporting the nuclear fuel rods for Sergei Bazhaev in a large truck. At almost 11:00pm, when Sergei realized that the mission had been compromised, he called Luka and told them to stop and wait for instructions. Luka told Anton and they stopped at a weighing station in Wantagh Parkway.

At almost 12:00am, as Luka and Anton waited, Josef Bazhaev arrived at the weighing station and killed them. He then stole the rods and left. Before leaving, he left Oleg's necklace hanging in the back of the truck as a message to his father.

When Cole Ortiz and his team arrived, they found the bodies of Luka and Anton, but no trace of the nuclear rods. He informed Brian Hastings about it, when they found the necklace. Sergei was shocked, and explained the meaning of the cross; Cole and his team then left to pursue Josef.


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