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The Washington Gazette was a print newspaper published in Washington, D.C.

Following the events of the California Presidential Primary, a columnist with the Gazette, Noreen Stroud, wrote a humorous article entitled "It's a Circus! It's a Fireworks Display! No... It's a Presidential Candidate" about the dramatic experience of David Palmer and his family on primary day.

After receiving the leaked report on the House Special Subcommittee's Drazen investigation, Marc Cerasini contacted Gazette journalist Will Hertz to provide a rundown of the Keith Palmer scandal as supplementary material. Interested in the case, Hertz did some original research and found out that the Committee to Elect Hodges had paid George Ferragamo to go to the press about Keith's involvement Lyle Gibson's accidental death, eventually resulting in Ferragamo's murder by the Latham Group to protect David Palmer's campaign. Hertz revealed this and other new information in an article for the Gazette, "Two Judges, Two Juries," that ran the same week that Cerasini's report was published.

The final report including both copies of both Hertz's and Stroud's articles for the Washington Gazette. (Findings at CTU)

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