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This article lists weapons seen in 24: Redemption.


Beretta 92Edit

Main section: Beretta 92
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 Beretta Redemption The Rebel sergeant had a Beretta 92 pistol that he pointed at Carl Benton after discovering him in the jungle.

CZ 52Edit

Main section: CZ 52
Image Episode(s) Description
Redemption CZ52 Redemption There was a CZ 52 pistol in Carl Benton's box of weapons at the Okavango School, however Jack left it there and did not use it.

Glock 19Edit

Main section: Glock 19
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 Glock 2 Redemption Carl Benton had a Glock 19 with him when he found Desmond, firing it to scare away vultures. He kept the gun and used it to kill 3 of Youssou Dubaku's men at the Okavango School. Later he gave the gun to Jack Bauer, who gave it back to him when he went his own way at the bridge. However, Jack stayed with them a little longer until Carl stepped on a land mine, and Jack took the gun back to help shepherd the children to the Embassy. He used it to kill 3 soldiers in the city street, before dropping it when confronted by Kabila.
7x00 Glock 1 Redemption There was another Glock 19 in Carl Benton's box of weapons at the Okavango School, which Jack Bauer took and used to kill 5 soldiers who were attacking the school. However, it ran out of ammunition and Jack dropped the gun, switching to his knife to take out the next soldier.

SIG Sauer P228Edit

Main section: SIG Sauer P228
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 SIG Redemption Halcott had a SIG Sauer P228 pistol on Chris Whitley's desk when going through his computer, but was never seen using it.

Smith & Wesson Model 686Edit

Main section: Smith & Wesson Model 686
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 Dubaku revolver Redemption Iké Dubaku used a Smith & Wesson Model 686 to shoot Carl Benton, torturing him for information on the whereabouts of Jack Bauer. However, Benton detonated a land mine and seriously injured Dubaku.

Star Model BEdit

Main section: Star Model B
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 Star Mod B Redemption When arriving at Okavango School, the character played by Vernon Willemse had a Star Model B pistol. However, he didn't use it and swapped to a Walther P38 when shooting at Jack.

Varan PMX-90Edit

Main section: Varan PMX-90
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 Varan Redemption Youssou Dubaku had a Varan PMX-90 during the assault on the Okavango School.
7x00 Varan 2 Redemption One of the men in the street, that Jack shot to get to the Embassy, carried a Varan PMX-90.

Walther P38Edit

Main section: Walther P38
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 P38 Redemption One of Youssou Dubaku's men, played by Vernon Willemse, carried a Walther P38 that he fired at Jack Bauer with. However, he lost the gun when Jack disarmed him in hand to hand combat.


AK variantEdit

Main section: AK variant
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 abductor AK Redemption The rebel child abductor had a Zastava M70AB2 AK rifle as he returned to the camp with the children.
7x00 target AK Redemption At the camp, children used AK variant rifles to shoot at targets. The one in the foreground has a converted Saiga rifle with a plastic AK74M-style stock. There was another AK resting on a crate behind them.
7x00 night AK Redemption At night in the rebel camp, several children and older rebels had AK rifles.
7x00 sentry AK Redemption The next day in the camp, several sentries and child soldiers were armed with Norinco Type 56-1 rifles.
7x00 AK James murderer Redemption The soldier who killed James (played by Ronnie Gadula) was armed with a converted Saiga AK rifle with a plastic AK74M style stock. He later had a different AK (an AKM style rifle) at the Okavango School before he was killed by Jack Bauer.
7x00 AK child abductor Redemption During the abduction of the children playing soccer, three of the soldiers carried AK rifles. One of them later arrived at the Okavango School still carrying the rifle.
7x00 school AK 2 Redemption Three of the soldiers who arrived in the car at the Okavango School (played Christopher September, Thando Gqoloza and Monelisi Magadla) had WASR-3 style AK rifles before they were shot by Jack.
7x00 school AK 1 Redemption Many of the soldiers who arrived in the two trucks were armed with AK rifles, including the 5th man killed by Jack.
7x00 school AK 4 Redemption The soldier played by Mike Solomon had an AKM with folding stock which he used to shoot at Jack, and dropped when Jack engaged him in hand-to-hand combat. He had the rifle when Jack was captured, and carried it until he was shot by Carl Benton.
7x00 school AK 5 Redemption Dubaku's soldier had an AKM with fixed wooden stock that he used to knock out Jack with. He carried the rifle when looking for the children, before getting shot by Carl Benton.
7x00 school AK 3 Redemption The soldier played by Nathan Wheatley had an AKM rifle with a milled receiver and a folding stock. Jack took the rifle after stabbing the soldier and used it to shoot several more rebels. He abandoned it after running out of ammunition.
7x00 aiming AK Redemption When Benjamin Juma arrived at the rebel camp, a child was aiming an AK rifle.
7x00 checkpoint AK Redemption The soldiers at the checkpoint who captured Charles Solenz had AK rifles.
7x00 patrol AK Redemption The patrol that drove past the Okavango School bus after Jack Bauer drove it offroad had soldiers carrying AK rifles.
7x00 bus AK Redemption The men with the soldier who discovered the abandoned bus carried AK rifles.
7x00 helicopter AK Redemption A gunner in Iké Dubaku's helicopter fired on Jack and the children with an AKM rifle.
7x00 landmine AK Redemption Dubaku's men on the ground, who held Carl Benton at gunpoint, carried AK rifles before the land mine Benton stepped on blew them up.
7x00 street AK Redemption Two of Udo's soldiers in the city had AK rifles before Jack shot them dead.
7x00 Kabila AK Redemption Kabila was armed with a Zastava M70AB2 rifle, but Jack and Willie convinced him to drop it.
7x00 montage AK Redemption In the split screen montage at the end of the episode, a child loaded up an AK rifle. Other children were seen marching with AKs and wooden replicas.

Colt M16Edit

Main section: Colt M16
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 M16 carbine Redemption One of the soldiers in the background as the children practised shooting was carrying an M16 carbine.
7x00 night M16 Redemption At night in the rebel camp, many children and older rebels were armed with M16 rifles.
7x00 truck M16 Redemption The next day at the rebel camp, there was an M16 in the front seat of a truck.
7x00 embassy M16 Redemption Marine guards at the US embassy in Sangala were armed with M16 and M16 carbine rifles.
7x00 resting guns Redemption When Benjamin Juma arrived at the rebel camp, there were several M16s and M16 carbines resting against crates.


Main section: FN FAL
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 FN FAL Redemption A rebel at Iké Dubaku's camp carried an R1 rifle, the South African copy of the FN FAL.
7x00 night FN FAL Redemption The rebel standing behind Kabila as he killed the prisoner, as well as other rebels watching, were armed with FN FAL rifles.
7x00 camp FAL Redemption The next day at Dubaku's camp, there was a rebel armed with an FN FAL rifle.
7x00 FAL child abductor Redemption During the abduction of the children playing soccer, one of the soldiers carried an FN FAL rifle.
7x00 school FAL 1 Redemption Grant Powell's character had an FN FAL rifle when he arrived at the Okavango School, before getting blown up.
7x00 school FAL 2 Redemption One of soldiers who arrived in the truck at the Okavango School had an FN FAL rifle, but was shot by Jack Bauer.
7x00 school FAL 3 Redemption The soldier played by Brian Svosve had an FN FAL rifle before being blown up by Jack's dynamite.
7x00 helicopter FAL Redemption The soldiers who accompanied Iké Dubaku into his helicopter at the camp carried FN FAL rifles.
7x00 montage FAL Redemption In the end split screen montage of the episode, a child is being helped to load an FAL rifle.

Heckler & Koch G3Edit

Main section: Heckler & Koch G3
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 camp G3 Redemption There were two Heckler & Koch G3s resting on a crate next to an AK while the children did target practise at the rebel camp.
7x00 night G3 Redemption At night in the rebel camp, several onlookers had HK G3 rifles.
7x00 camp G3 2 Redemption Several soldiers at the rebel camp had G3 rifles, including a man in the truck that Youssou Dubaku left in.
7x00 G3 child abductor Redemption During the abduction of the children playing soccer, one of the soldiers carried an HK G3 rifle.
7x00 resting guns Redemption When Benjamin Juma arrived at the rebel camp, there were several HK G3s resting against crates.

M1 GarandEdit

Main section: M1 Garand
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 M1 Garand Redemption US Marines in dress uniform carried M1 Garand rifles with bayonets in honour of Allison Taylor's inauguration.

Short Magazine Lee-EnfieldEdit

Main section: Short Magazine Lee-Enfield
Image Episode(s) Description

7x00 SMLE
Redemption Carl Benton had a Short Magazine Lee-Enfield rifle in his car that he carried when rescuing Jack Bauer from captivity at the Okavango School. Thomas later took the rifle, and Jack briefly grabbed it to shoot at Iké Dubaku's helicopter. Jack gave it back to Carl after he stepped on a land mine, and Carl surrendered it when surrounded by Dubaku's troops.

Vektor R5Edit

Main section: Vektor R5
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 sentry rifle Redemption A sentry overlooking the rebel camp at dusk held a Vektor R5 assault rifle.
7x00 twin R5 Redemption One of the trucks that arrived at the soccer field to kidnap the children had two Vektor R5 rifles mounted on it, with their hand guards and sights removed. The truck later arrived at the Okavango School and a soldier used them to shoot at Jack Bauer while he was running for cover. It was later seen back at the rebel camp, as child soldiers marched past it.

Submachine gunsEdit

FBP submachine gunEdit

Main section: FBP submachine gun
Image Episode(s) Description
Redemption FBP Redemption At Iké Dubaku's camp, there was a child sentry armed with an FBP submachine gun.
7x00 night FBP Redemption One of the boys watching the killing of the prisoner "cockroach" had an FBP submachine gun, and waved it in celebration after the man was killed.
7x00 FBP Redemption Samuel had an FBP submachine gun when rounding up the boys who were playing soccer.

M1A1 ThompsonEdit

Main section: M1A1 Thompson
Image Episode(s) Description
Redemption M1A1 Redemption One of the rebels that attacked the school (played by Luke Rhode) used an M1A1 Thompson to shoot at Jack Bauer from behind a tree, but Jack killed him.

Milkor BXPEdit

Main section: Milkor BXP
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 night BXP Redemption One of the boys watching the killing of the prisoner "cockroach" had a Milkor BXP gun, and waved it in celebration after the man was killed.
Very nice a close up Redemption One of the rebels that rounded up the boys playing soccer had a Milkor BXP submachine gun.

Other gunsEdit

Browning M1919Edit

Main section: Browning M1919
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 M1919 Redemption One of the rebels' cars that attacked the Okavango School had a Browning M1919A4 machine gun mounted on it. However, Jack Bauer threw a stick of dynamite which obliterated the vehicle.

FN MAG 58Edit

Main section: FN MAG 58
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 FN MAG-58 Redemption There was an FN MAG 58 machine gun on a pile of boxes at Iké Dubaku's camp.
7x00 helicopter machine gun Redemption There was another FN MAG 58 mounted on the US Army helicopters that left from the US embassy.

Ordnance ML 3 inch mortarEdit

Main section: Ordnance ML 3 inch mortar
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 mortar Redemption At Iké Dubaku's camp, there was an Ordnance ML 3 inch mortar Mark 2 set up among his weapons.


Main section: RPG-7
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 RPG Redemption A rebel was armed with a RPG-7 launcher, that he used to blow up a barn next to Jack Bauer.

Vektor SS-77Edit

Main section: Vektor SS-77
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 SS77 Redemption There was a Vektor SS-77 machine gun in the back of a truck at Iké Dubaku's camp.


Ontario Spec 102Edit

Main section: Ontario Spec 102
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 Ontario knife Redemption Jack Bauer had an Ontario Spec 102 knife in his bag, which Willie tried to steal but Jack caught him. Later, Jack killed one of Youssou Dubaku's men during the school attack, stabbing the man and then slitting his throat. Jack later used the knife during a fight with two more rebels, and then when digging out the land mine that Carl Benton stepped on.


Main section: Machete
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 machete 1 Redemption Iké Dubaku had a machete when training the children to become soldiers at his camp. He gave the weapon to Kabila, asking him if it felt good, then had him kill a prisoner with the blade.
7x00 machete 2 Redemption Youssou Dubaku used a machete when torturing Jack Bauer for information about the children. He heated the blade on a fire and burned Jack's ear with it. When Jack grabbed Dubaku, he tried to reach for the machete but Jack broke his neck before he could.


Anti-personnel mineEdit

Main section: Anti-personnel mine
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 Cyrillic Redemption Carl Benton stepped on an anti-personnel mine when trying to stop Willie from treading on it. He identified it as a B291 Russian 5-kilo spring loaded mine, and stopped Jack from trying to disarm it as it was fitted with an anti-tamper mechanism. He detonated it, killing himself and several of Iké Dubaku's men.


Main section: Dynamite
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 dynamite Redemption Carl Benton had 4 sticks of dynamite in his box of weapons at the Okavango School. Jack Bauer took them during the attack on the school and used them to take out several of Youssou Dubaku's men.

F1 grenadeEdit

Main section: F1 grenade
Image Episode(s) Description
7x00 grenade Redemption Samuel and some other of Youssou Dubaku's men had F1 hand grenades attached to their webbing.

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