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The White House Press Secretary is the person in charge of handling the flow of information from the office of the President to the media.

Notable Press Secretaries Edit

Picture Name Served during Status
TamlynTomita Jenny Dodge Day 2 Alive
Jenny Dodge was President David Palmer's press secretary during Day 2, deflecting attention from the nuclear threat against Los Angeles. She was also the first person at Palmer's side during the biological assassination attempt on him by Mandy.
GerryWhitehorn Gerry Whitehorn Day 3 Alive
Gerry Whitehorn was President David Palmer's press secretary during Day 3.
S4ep24pressSec (name unspecified) Day 4 Alive
This was the press secretary for President John Keeler, and then Charles Logan, during Day 4.
Ellen Ellen Price Day 6 Alive
Ellen Price was President Wayne Palmer's press secretary during Day 6.
AngelaNelsonDay7 Angela Nelson Day 7
Day 8
Angela Nelson was President Allison Taylor's press secretary during Day 7 and Day 8.

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