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Willey was a field agent for CTU Alaska during Cold Warriors.

Cold Warriors Edit

Willey and Pritchard were part of the team with Jack Bauer and Amy Seelaki that went to Station 1217 to stop the Russian terrorists from releasing a virus that would shut down wireless communications. When they reached the communication room, Willey and Pritchard went to the hanger bay and found the body of mole Randy Bishop there. Jack and Amy went to find the terrorists while Willey and Pritchard stayed to guard Chloe O'Brian who attempted (successfully) to stop the virus from destroying wireless communications.

As she worked, Chloe asked Willey about Seelaki, who had worked with her for a long time. He explained that Seelaki and Jack knew each other and in fact had met with Oleg Malenov, the leader of the Russian terrorists, before while in Delta Force.

Live appearancesEdit

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