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Sergeant Yakunin was one of the Spetsnaz operatives sent to Somalia to capture Jack Bauer.

After Bauer was seen at Berbera International Airport, Major Danko and his team of operatives met with Irina Corleeva to get debriefed about their next mission. Once the debrief was over, the agents headed to Burao, where they met with Ravil Lazarev so they could gather their weapons and supplies. Yakunin and the other agents ambushed Bauer shortly after he and Abigail Harper secured a pair of nuclear missiles, and they headed to the airport to transport Bauer to Russia. Before they could, Jiro Chu disabled the fly-by-wire system on the agents' plane. Danko changed his plans and instructed his team to take Bauer to their safe house in Hargeisa. At the safe house, Danko started to waterboard Bauer, with neither Yakunin or Titov stopping Danko when he started to go too far. Although Danko was eventually killed by Bauer when Soltsin tried to relieve Danko of his command, Yakunin had no problem following Soltsin's orders after his major was killed. Just when the agents' plane was prepared and they were about to leave the safe house, Harper attacked them. During the assault, Yakunin took cover behind one of the cars in the street, unaware that Harper had planted C-4 on the vehicle. Harper detonated the explosive, killing Yakunin once he was caught in the blast radius. (Rogue)

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