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Yusuf was one of the Somali pirates working under Osman Xasan Muhamad during Rogue.

During the raid of the Barataria in the Gulf of Aden, Yusuf's job was to clear the engine room as fast as possible. He was one of 19 pirates that boarded the ship and took control, and he cleared the engine room using his AK-47.

Later, after the pirates discovered the presence of Jack Bauer on the ship, Yusuf went with Sadiq and Hamal to find him below decks. While they were chasing him, Jack set off explosives throughout Hold 2 which killed Hamal, but Sadiq, Osman and Yusuf were on the transverse gangway and only suffered minor injuries. They continued to chase Bauer, managing to defuse his explosives on the port side. They fired at Jack and managed to wound him, but he dropped a grenade on them which they just manage to avoid. After Jack escaped to the deck, Yusuf climbed out of the topside hatch, only to be shot three times in the head and killed.

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