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Zach Parker was a drug dealer in Los Angeles during Day 3.

Before Day 3 Edit

Zach went to high school with Kyle Singer and his friend Tim.

A year before Day 3, Zach was arrested for dealing cocaine.

Day 3 Edit

Zach was contacted by Mexican narcotics distributor Carlos Corretja to smuggle a bag of cocaine across the border. Despite questioning the unusually high payment for a single bag, Zach made the arrangement. He found an old classmate, Kyle Singer, to be the "coke mule" who would carry the bag undetected.

Zach waited for Kyle at the apartment of David Goss. Outside, Detective Fisher and the LAPD set up a perimeter around the building. At approximately 2:45 PM, Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds, who were following a lead on Goss, apprehended Parker after they knocked out his guard Ed and killed his hostile associate. Jack questioned Parker about his old accomplice, Goss, and their connections to Corretja. After Zach gave up Kyle Singer's identity as the carrier of the bag, Jack ordered Chase to escort Parker back to CTU Los Angeles for more interrogation.

Background information and notes Edit

  • The character is incorrectly listed as Zach Porter in the closing credits.

Live appearancesEdit

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