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Major Zeze Eto'o was the head of security for Sangalan Prime Minister Ule Matobo.

Day 7 Edit

Zeze was informed by FBI agent Larry Moss that there was a threat against Matobo, just before 12:00pm. He organised his men and informed Matobo and his wife of the threat, moving them to a panic room that could only be opened from the inside. David Emerson, Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida found Zeze and asked him how to get in, but he explained that it was impossible. In his rage, Emerson knocked Zeze out. He later regained consciousness, where he was brutally beaten by Emerson, and was even threatened with death, though he was willing to die for Matobo and his country. After Matobo was eventually flushed out, the team left him there, where he was soon found by FBI SWAT teams and tended to by paramedics.

Live appearancesEdit

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